Episode 10 – Miranda Sparks

“If you think we’re brave, ask yourself why we have to be brave.” My guest this episode is Miranda Sparks – comedian, radio personality, transgender advocate, and author of the superhero web serial Shimmerverse.

Miranda talks to me about growing up as a tomboy trans girl, why “show, don’t tell” is problematic for a writer with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and accessibility in highbrow literature. We also talk about comic book movies, how to avoid ableist slang, and Miranda’s surprising revelation of how she would handle a zombie apocalypse.

If you would like to find out more about Miranda Sparks and her work, check out her Facebook page, or check out these links from the episode:

The Hellbound Dolls
‘Embracing Cisgender’ | Miranda Sparks YouTube Channel

The beautiful portrait of Miranda was done for this episode of Just A Spoonful by Brisbane artist Erin Michelle (who you may notice also did the podcast’s logo artwork):


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