Episode 3 – Lefa Singleton Norton

Just A Spoonful is a fortnightly podcast where the guest is living with a chronic illness/disability and the host is exhausted. We are young and fully sick.

My guest this episode is a writer, editor, Creative Producer at Melbourne’s Express Media, and also a fellow sufferer of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS). Lefa Singleton Norton tells me about working in comedy, founding her own magazines, why Midsomer Murders is actually great, and the surprising effect pregnancy had on her CFS symptoms. We also talk feminism, trying to explain brain fog to your boss, fading out of your own life, and figuring out what’s worth spending your energy on. And why my accent sounds like a bad impersonation of Josh Thomas’s.

Recorded in Brisbane, and in a Newcastle hotel room at the 2014 National Young Writers Festival.

Find Lefa on Twitter (@lefasn) and at her website (lefa.anewleaf.com.au).

The music you’re listening to is by some great Australian artists:

  • ‘Sleepless’ by Anna O, from her 2014 EP When The Winter Came (highly recommend downloading the entire EP, so gorgeous)
  • ‘Another’ by O’ Little Sister (upcoming Brisbane singer-songwriter – check out her Instagram, it’s completely adorable)
  • ‘Silver Magic Ships’ by Marksman Lloyd, from his 2014 EP Rewrite The Ending (Perth spoken word/hip hop artist – he just dropped a new music video, check it out at his website)