Episode 4 – Mike Day

“Mania is seductive.” Mike Day is the drummer for Brisbane band Mega Ogre, as well as the winner of the SLQ Young Writer Award 2014. He lives with Bipolar Type 2 Disorder and anxiety, and also a cat.

Mike tells me about losing friends during manic stages, writing tips, Paddington DadsTM, and why he wouldn’t get rid of Bipolar. We also talk about weird movies you watch during insomnia, holding on to your personality amid your illness, and what Hobbits actually do. I mean, what do they do? Does Bilbo have a job?

This episode features music by Mega Ogre, from their new single ‘Hikikomori’. And, as always, intro music by Anna O (‘Sleepless’) and outro music by Marksman Lloyd (‘Silver Magic Ships’).

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