Episode 5 – Erica Wheadon

Being a photographer and filmmaker, it is my guest Erica Wheadon’s job to make meaningful connections with people – to understand her clients’ needs and feelings. And she does all this while coping with the interpersonal difficulties of living with Asperger’s Syndrome. Erica and I sit down to talk about life with Asperger’s, being diagnosed at 30, overcoming feelings of low self-worth, and the particular obstacles faced by autistic women. We also talk a LOT about Taylor Swift, because Taylor Swift.

Just A Spoonful is a podcast about people living with chronic illness and/or disability, so Erica and I talk about where high-functioning autism fits under those labels. She tells me about her experiences in parenting a teenage daughter who has high-functioning autism, and being diagnosed herself.

Erica may challenge your preconceptions about Asperger’s, and charm you like she did me. You can find out more about Erica’s photography and film work at ericawheadon.com, and talk to her on Twitter (@dragonflysakura).

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