Episode 7 – Benjamin McLeay (Thomas Violence)

Thousands of people read Thomas Violence’s tweets every day – funny, cutting, and sometimes a live feed into the hectic mind of someone with rapid-cycling Bipolar Type 1 Disorder. The man behind the Twitter account is Benjamin McLeay: web developer by day, member of Brisbane bands The Keepaways and Dogbauu by night, and tweeting at all times. We talk about making plans when you can’t plan your moods, ideal jobs, and how depressive periods would be luxurious and restful if only you weren’t depressed. Ben (or, Thomas?) tells me how Twitter has helped him find people who understand his bipolar, and how live gigs suit mania. Also: hot takes on The Interview, Lost, the Japanese flag, and other assorted nonsense. If you’ve never understood Twitter, this episode may help you out.

The Just A Spoonful podcast is an ongoing conversation about what life is like when you’re a young person living with a chronic illness and/or disability. It’s about how we’re living, and what we’re living for. So I’d like to hear from my listeners! How are you living? Especially keen to hear from other spoonies. Let me know through Tumblr, or send me a tweet: @kplyley.

If you’d like to know more about Benjamin McLeay AKA Thomas Violence, check out his website: http://futurecontent.net/ Get his tweets here: http://twitter.com/thomas_violence

The songs you hear in this episode are:

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