Episode 8 – Amy Dallas

“I couldn’t get comfortable and was like, something’s not right.” Amy Dallas, founder and CEO of Brisbane fashion label Chronic Youth – and my guest this month – has been living with chronic pain for seven years.

Amy talks about the difficulty in getting a diagnosis, how living with her condition has made her question our culture of always being busy, and the creativity with which she has overcome challenges. For instance, she wanted to be a fashion designer, but once she got to Tafe, her pain prevented her from being able to stoop over sewing assignments. So, Amy has found an innovative way of getting her fashion designs out there. Now she’s found work that she is passionate about and happy to spend her spoons on. We also talk fashion, living out of home, and why jeggings are a feminist issue (I insist that they are).

Just A Spoonful is a monthly conversation about what life is like when you’re a young person living with chronic illness and/or disability. It’s about how we’re living and what we live for. I’d love to hear how YOU’RE living, so please leave me a note below or catch me on the toots: @kplyley. Are you living with a chronic condition? If you are able to work, what kind of work do you do? Which is your favourite Weasley twin? These are all important questions I need your answers to.

If you’d like to find out more about Amy Dallas and her label Chronic Youth, you can find her on Facebook or go straight to her online store and buy some mad t-shirts.

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