Episode 9 – Priscilla Sutton

“It was kind of like a rockstar convention of amputees.” Disability advocate and right leg amputee Priscilla Sutton tells me the story of how she had a ridiculous idea to take her art exhibition of prosthetic limbs to London for the 2012 Paralympics. Even though she had no contacts in London. And lived in Brisbane. And had never curated an art exhibition from a different country before.

But she did it! And it’s quite a tale. Priscilla and I also chat about how disability mysteriously makes life cost more, and what you shouldn’t ask an amputee. She tells me about her passion for a decluttered lifestyle, and why living under the poverty line doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a disability aid made specifically for you.

Priscilla’s thoughts on social attitudes towards poverty (and people with disabilities living in poverty, as so many of us are) are fascinating and she is a gifted storyteller. It was an honour to have this past-nominee for Australian of the Year on the podcast.

If you’d like to find out more about Spare Parts, check out their Facebook page (where Priscilla also posts fascinating links to prothestic-related stories). To contact Priscilla, go to priscillasutton.com

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The songs you hear in this episode are (in order):

‘Sleepless’ by Anna O
‘Forgive’ by Forevr
‘Silver Magic Ships’ by Marksman Lloyd

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