Welcome to the new website

Just A Spoonful has a new home!

I’ve moved the podcast from its previous home on Tumblr so that you can find episodes more easily and search them using keywords. Having a full website will also allow me the room to add transcripts of episodes, something I am very excited to implement.

New features like transcripts will be rolling out over 2016. This podcast’s entire production staff is just me with my MacBook Air poring over tech support forums, so all changes take a while. In the meantime, I will still be providing (mostly) monthly episodes for you to listen to! If you’re a subscriber on iTunes, this won’t affect your subscription at all; same goes for Soundcloud followers.

If you’d like to help me stick to my monthly schedule and maybe even pay for technical help and transcription services, please have a look at Just A Spoonful’s Patreon page. You can become a patron of the podcast for as little as $1, and higher donations even come with rewards.

Now I’m going to go enjoy that new-website smell.


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