Episode 11 – Leah Musch

“It was a weird superpower.” This is how Leah Musch describes obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) to me, but only in certain contexts. It helped her retain an astounding amount of detail as the owner of The Happy Cabin clothing store in Brisbane. It also led indirectly to serious injury. While recuperating from her injury, Leah had an epiphany that would change her relationship to fashion. She sold The Happy Cabin, and then everything changed. The host of web series The Unmaterial Girl talks to me about slow fashion, OCD guilt, and learning sustainable business methods in Brazilian ‘favelas’.

If you would like to find out more about Leah Musch, check out the website for her video series The Unmaterial Girl. Here are the links to other things we talked about in the episode:

This beautiful portrait of Leah was drawn for Just A Spoonful by Brisbane artist Erin Michelle, who is amazing and the podcast’s favourite artist:

Leah 1500X628

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The songs you hear in this episode are (in order):

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