Episode 12 – Jill Pantozzi

Just A Spoonful’s first international guest! Jill Pantozzi is a US-based pop culture journalist and former Editor-In-Chief of The Mary Sue, known online by her moniker The Nerdy Bird. Jill talks to me ahead of her appearance at Contact2016 in Brisbane, the 55th Australian National Speculative Fiction Convention, where she is the International Fan Guest of Honour. We talk Batman V Superman, depictions of disability in the Marvel and DC universes, and what it means to have a disabled character in comics where anything – including magical cures and superpowers – is possible.

Jill is a Goodwill Ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, and talks to me about the role the Association has played in her life since she was diagnosed with MD at the age of two.

You can catch Jill in person at Contact2016 this Easter long weekend, where she will be appearing in conversation with Maria Lewis at the Contact Banquet on Saturday 26th March. The convention is being held at Hotel Jen, Brisbane (next to the Roma Street Train Station).


EDIT 30/3/16: Uploaded this artwork of Jill Pantozzi a bit late because I only gave the artist Erin Michelle like 48 hours’ notice to sketch and paint a beautiful portrait but DANG did she do it.

If you would like to find out more about Jill, check out TheNerdyBird.com or find her on Twitter and Tumblr. Here are links to some things we discussed in this episode:

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The songs you hear in this episode are (in order):

  • ‘Sleepless’ by Anna O
  • ‘The Hairy Bird’ from egregiously underrated 1998 teen film All I Wanna Do (trailer)
  • ‘Silver Magic Ships’ by Marksman Lloyd

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