Episode 14 – Carly Findlay

“You’re not like, you know, a REGULAR disability.”

Carly Findlay fields all kinds of ridiculous comments about her appearance and her disability, ranging from the insensitive to the abusive. Some of them have taken her all the way to the Human Rights Commission. “It was a bit weird to be the top news story for a couple of days … It wasn’t a good experience.”

Carly lives with Ichthyosis – a rare, severe skin condition – and is an appearance activist. She is also a writer whose work has been published by the Guardian, Daily Life, ABC, Mamamia and Frankie magazine. On her award-winning blog Tune Into Radio Carly, she writes honestly about life with Ichthyosis, disability, and visible difference. Carly talks to me about her work, but also we giggle a lot about pop music from the late 90s.

If 2016 has gotten you down, Carly Findlay is a delightful guest to spend an hour in conversation with.


Links from this episode

Carly’s blog: http://carlyfindlay.blogspot.com.au

Carly’s Facebook page: http://fb.com/Tune.Into.Radio.Carly/

Jill Starks’ SMH profile on Carly Findlay and other Australian disability activists (and Carly’s DRESS): http://www.smh.com.au/national/disability-advocates-demand-an-end-to-slacktivism-and-inspiration-porn-20160109-gm2dw9.html

‘Living the unexpected. Marriage (and maybe babies)’: http://carlyfindlay.blogspot.com.au/2014/11/living-unexpected-marriage-and-maybe.html

Carly’s protest of Me Before You – ‘Having a disability is not a tragedy’ (SBS): http://www.sbs.com.au/topics/life/culture/article/2016/06/17/having-disability-not-tragedy

‘Carly Findlay suffers skin condition, wins internet after copping abuse on internet site Reddit’: http://www.news.com.au/technology/online/carly-findlay-suffers-skin-condition-wins-internet-after-copping-abuse-on-internet-site-reddit/story-fnjwnhzf-1226787312639

‘Disability activist and blogger Carly Findlay combats pity, sensationalism with her own story’: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-12-03/disability-blogger-takes-control-of-her-story/5126834

Savage Garden bot: http://twitter.com/affirmation_sg

The music you heard in this episode

‘Sleepless’ by Anna O

‘Savage Garden – Break Me Shake Me (ChristmatiK Remix)’ by ChrismatiK

‘Silver Magic Ships’ by Marksman Lloyd

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